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This new site exists to document problems with Bausch and Lomb products.

We will post recalls of faulty or problematic Bausch and Lomb surgical instruments and other items.

We will document lawsuits which have been filed against the company on behalf of LASIK eye surgery patients that wanted to know how to improve eyesight.

We will tell the stories of eye surgery patients harmed by Bausch and Lomb products.

Finally, we will connect the reader with the FDA MAUDE complaint files to provide evidence that Bausch and Lomb products have harmed numerous patients.

If you are a patient who has been harmed by a Bausch and Lomb product, please contact us!

Below is a picture of the ridge left in my visual axis by the Bausch and Lomb Hansatome.  You can see it in the upper 1/3 of my pupil.   When I had lasik, the Hansatome blade jammed and left this mess:


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